Mission Statement

Modern societies are increasingly formed by social, economic and legal relations that dissolve the traditional boundaries of nation states. Markets have outgrown systems of national regulation and international policy coordination. Transnational corporations and other cross-border organizations and networks interact in new patterns and set new standards of governance. Transnational migration, mobility and IT-driven communication change mindsets and public discourses. Contagion in financial crises, climate change and other critical developments reveal an interdependence of modern societies through uncoordinated transnational action that requires new institutional responses.

ZenTra, the Center for Transnational Studies, is a research incubator where professors and senior staff from Germany’s Northwestern universities of Bremen and Oldenburg carry out projects in the areas of social sciences in a broad sense. Researchers from political and legal sciences, sociology, business and economics as well as other social sciences are actively building a research space, together with leaders of junior research groups that are recruited at national and international levels. ZenTra is focused on having internationally visible interdisciplinary research projects on the topic of transnational studies.