ZenTra - Center for Transnational Studies

ZenTra is a research network in flux which is active in hosting a variety of activities. Researchers at the universities of Bremen and Oldenburg are carrying out projects from a broad range of the social sciences.

True to its mission as a research incubator, ZenTra participants organize events to promulgate research insights from its participants, inviting new ideas from outside, or communicate with other researchers and the public at external conferences, workshops and seminars. Guest lectures given by researchers from around the globe are organized by ZenTra members in Oldenburg, Bremen or Delmenhorst. Intensive research relations have been established to academics and institutions from neighbouring fields. We are striving to extend our opportunities for future cooperation and research collaboration in established or new areas. Acknowledgments and other information from or about our members are summed up in the staff notes section. ZenTra is a dynamic centre of research on transnational studies in Germany's Northwestern region